Monday, December 25, 2017

Huntington Holiday Train Display at Columbus Metro Main Library

Written by Danielle Livelsberger
Photo/Video by Andrew Livelsberger

The Huntington Holiday Train has been running since 1992.  The train display is located in the main library's new atrium.  It is fashioned in a Bavarian style and features a water fall, several running trains and many diorama like scenes.

The display is visible from the ground floor and areal views are available from the staircase and mezzanine hand rail.

Danielle Live

Here is a video of the display, available in 4k Ultra HD video!

Friday, November 10, 2017

International Sports Hall of Fame Induction 2017

Written by Dani & Andrew Livelsberger
Photography by Andrew Livelsberger

Dr. Bob Goldman

The International Sports Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization that honors the world's greatest athletes.  This annual event is held every year at the Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus, OH.  This post covers the March 2017 ceremony in Columbus Ohio.


2017's theme centered around overcoming the adversity of life to become something more.  The inductees spoke of how, despite forces in their lives that never believed in them, thought they would fail, be nothing, were not smart enough...used that emotional conflict and made it a driving force to success.

I feel this was an extremely brave and powerful message that we all need to understand and appreciate.  These athletes, icons of strength and power, were once told they were worthless or not good enough.  The are proof positive that despite all the roadblocks in life - success is there for you.  It is not something that will be given to you, though.  It must be worked for, putting in hours, days and even years to get the success that you want.

You know them today because they refused to be told that they couldn't.  Instead, they proved that they could and their "could" became stories worth knowing and repeating.

Jim Larimer

Thomas Rosandich 
Bill Kazmier

Apolo Ohno

Lou Ferrigno

Herschel Walker

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Arnold Sports Festival Columbus Celebrating 30 Years

Written/Photography by
Andrew Livelsberger

Celebrating 30 years of sports excellence, the Arnold Sports Festival returns to Columbus, OH March 1-4, 2018.   75 sports will be represented and new sports/exhibits will be introduced.

You know we here at VisualOhio love the Arnold Sports Festival.  We have been attending the event long before we covered it professionally.  We've seen the event grow and change over time, just as we've seen different sports and athletes change over time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has created a tradition, a welcoming atmosphere for the world of sports.  This annual, world wide event is something to behold.  A mecca of sorts, that we feel everyone should attend at least once in their life, if for no other reason to see the world in a different way.  A way that shows that varying sports and athletes from all kinds of backgrounds have a place.

Here is a sampling of some of our favorite images from over the years.  Please enjoy them and know that we love what we do and we love bringing you coverage of the event every year.

The 30th year will bring even more sports, hitting the 75 mark - including axe throwing and body painting being added this year.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Citizen Jane Movie Screening

Andrew Livelsberger

Our professional photography service, Best Light Photographic, was recently hired to cover a local event at the Gateway Film Center on High Street in Columbus.  The Center for Architecture and Design (CFAD) was having a documentary screening and a panel Q&A.    There was an interesting by product of this event for me that I wanted to share.

Going into the event, I had very little practical knowledge of architecture.  I had a general idea of what an architect does, being designing buildings and spaces.  My only real exposure was Ted Moseby's character in the TV show, How I Met Your Mother!

The event consisted of 2 documentary films.  One was about Franklinton and the North Market in Columbus, OH, the second was called Citizen Jane which outlined the urban renewal efforts of NYC's past.

What this event and these documentaries gave me was a sense of perspective.  Not of what an architect does, but a lot more of the why they do what they do and why they design the way they do.

I never took the time before to think about the socio-economic impact of architecture.  Not only must buildings and spaces be beautiful and functional, consideration must be placed on how the building/space will affect or mold the neighborhood.

Money can be saved by using existing structures as a base instead of bulldozing and building new.  When building new, do you spend more on a more durable structure that takes longer to build and has a higher up front cost or do you need the building up quickly and under a tight budget?

Consideration on how the building space will be utilized and the surrounding space will be accessed all need to be included.

The event taught me a lot about urban revival and the consequences that need to be considered during every new build and every renovation.

I want to take the time to thank Tim Lai of Lai Architecture as well as CFAD for the opportunity to work for them, but also for the fabulous educational moment.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wizard World Columbus 2017 - Day 3

Written by Dani / Andrew Livelsberger and Elise Mabry
Photo/Video by Andrew Livelsberger

Combatants from the Columbus chapter of The Saber Legion sparred for out viewing pleasure.


Wizard World is one of the largest comicon/sci-fi conventions held in Central Ohio.  Day 3 gave us witness to light saber fights and more cosplay!

Winding down the last day, the cosplayers were back.  Most new, but there were some that made appearances all 3 days.  This was a long and exciting weekend.  Capped off by lots of panels, competitions and just more of the same cosplay love.

Deathstroke caught me getting his picture.   I might need to run!  :D
Mario Kart!

Star Wars inspired BB-8 dress and hat

Dr. Who teaching a fan a hand signal.

I would not want to mess with this Mandalorian warrior

Weeping Angel gives free hugs!

Rick from Rick and Morty

Skeletor making the rounds, surveying his next possible conquest.

The stand out entertainment for Day 3 for us was the light saber duel on the entertainment stage.  The Saber Legion, a worldwide saber club focusing on saber combat and sparing put on a few matches.

A representative from The Saber Legion explained a bit about the organization.  Then we got a run down of the sparring rules and how points are scored.    This is not a scripted or choreographed fight sequence!   These guys are involved in a sport very similar to fencing.   As you'll see in the images below, there is safety gear involved.

Explaining the dueling rules before the matches begin.