Friday, January 29, 2016

Watlao Buddhamamakaram Temple

Written: Andrew Livelsberger
Photography: Andrew Livelsberger

Nestled away within an east side Columbus, OH neighborhood is this little gem.
Built in 2009 to support the Laoatian Buddhists that live in the area, the Watlao Buddhamamakaram Temple sits majestically, soaking in the cold January rays of sun.  

It was 29F with a brisk 15mph wind, so I did not stay long.  My poor fingers could not take much!!

The grounds are very well kept and the building and surrounding structures are a beautiful sight to behold either from the street or up close.  

The paint, metal work and glass all shimmer in the sun.  Such a great place of beauty and a slice of another world right within the 270 loop on the east side of Columbus off of Bexvie Avenue.

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