Monday, October 13, 2014

The Journey of Andrew Byrd - Part 2 - The Return

Photography by:  Andrew Livelsberger
Written by:  Andrew and Danielle Livelsberger

Safely parked in the Quaker Steak and Lube parking lot, the first hug comes from Diane "momma" Byrd
After 10 adventure filled days of riding through the 48 contiguous states and 10,000 miles later, Andrew Byrd returns home!!

Everyone was on pins and needles, waiting for his return.  The return location was Quaker Steak and Lube, bike night, located in t he Polaris area of north Columbus.

Throughout the Journey, Andrew had a constant GPS feed sent out for anyone interested in his current locations.  Upon the return, the site was reporting 8:32pm and it was pin point accurate.  When Andrew pulled into the lot, everyone cheered.  Glad he was home, glad he was safe.  Happy to see their father and their friend.  His ride collected donations in excess of their goal of $10,000.  Everyone who contributed, thank you for helping this worth cause.

All family and friends were there to greet him.

large crowd of patrons and supporters listen as Andrew makes a short speech

10,000 miles and no bath (the bike) results in this interesting modern art windshield

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Journey of Andrew Byrd - Part 1 - The Launch

Photography by:  Andrew Livelsberger
Written by: Danielle and Andrew Livelsberger

Andrew and Nicole Byrd and family had to endure one of the things that most parents fear.  A life threatening illness to one of their children.  Ryan Byrd, was diagnosed with cancer back in 2005.  It was a difficult time for all the family, including siblings Nick and Emma.  Cancer, the dreaded "C" word.  You never know how dealing with cancer is ever going to turn out.  The Byrd's did the best they could.  They stayed strong and hoped for the best.  They found the best treatment options and followed them.

This battle with cancer has a happy ending, as Ryan fought, and won, his battle and is still in remission.

One of the organizations that helped the Byrd family stay strong and fight the good fight is Kids 'N Camp.
This non-profit organization provides programs not only for the patient, but for the whole family to help them deal with the sometimes seemingly overwhelming task of fighting a cancer diagnosis.
More detailed info can be found HERE on the "Journey"

Immediately after launch, Andrew gives us the "ready to rock" symbol - the Journey begins

Nick, Nicole, Emma and Ryan sit and watch the live auction
10,000 Miles In 10 Days.
This is the task that Andrew Byrd has decided to take again.  Having made this journey last year, he has decided to make it again!  Why, you may ask, would Andrew take on such an en devour?   The short answer?   To give back.

The Kids 'N Kamp program has meant a lot to the whole family.  Raising money to help fund the programs through a motorcycle ride was the vehicle Andrew thought best.  Over a 10 day period, he would ride across the continental US, hitting each state.

Donations were made directly as well as other fund raising staples as silent auctions, live auctions the day of the launch party.

The launch party was held at the American Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame Office lot.  A live band was at hand and the "Byrd Boys", musicians themselves got in on the action!   Ryan is an excellent drummer and Nick is an up and coming lead guitarist.

Friends and family signed the gas tank in support of the journey

Biker's in support of the Journey made a trip around Interstate 270 with Andrew to see him off in style

The Kawasaki Consours 14 loaded up and ready for the road

A few attachments to the Kawasaki.  :D