Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Slight Format Change Coming

We really enjoy providing these Visual Ohio stories to everyone.

After a recent review of past stories, we noticed that there are no identifiable format or structure to the articles. They are a more free form, stream of consciousness.

Believing that it will be more enjoyable for you, the viewer, and more structured for us, the writers, we will be changing the story structures.

The first part of the articles will contain factual information and then we will follow that with a more personal, impressionistic take.  Pictures will be ever present, as always!

We feel this will satisfy a larger group of readers, giving those who only want the facts a go to pocket of information, and those interested in a personal perspective their own section as well.

Please look for this format in all future stories here at Visual Ohio.

Thank you for your continued readership and don't forget to send us recommendations of Ohio people, places, things, or events that you would like to see covered or feel deserve to be recognized. 

One Big Gavel - Ohio Supreme Court-Yard

The Ohio Supreme Court Building, known as the Thomas J . Moyer Ohio Judicial Center since 2011, started as an idea in 1913 and completed construction in 1933.  The building housed many State of Ohio Departments.  It also housed the State House of Representatives in the 1990's during State House renovations.

In 1998, plans began to renovate the building.  Construction for that project began in 2001 and ended in 2004.  That same year, the building was opened to the public and still to this day you can take tours.

More detailed information on the history of this building can be found at the Supreme Court of Ohio website.

For those interested in visiting, the address is 65 South Front Street, Columbus, OH

Monday, July 7, 2014

Red, White and Boom! 2014

Growing up, we always tried to get out to the fireworks every Independence Day.  Columbus has one of the best displays I've ever seen.

Columbus does it up right, including live music, street fair and a parade all before the fireworks even start. Check out the images below to see some of this event is all about.
Mayor Michael Coleman riding on horseback through the parade with the Columbus Police.

Patriotic Face Paint

The Buckeye Guy

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Comfest" Community Festival at Goodale Park

Visual Ohio visited the annual "Comfest" or Community Festival.

The parks namesake statue - he got a cape for the festival
We had heard a lot about the festival, but this was our first year there.  Lots of great live music, community activist presence and people just generally having a good time and enjoying the day.

Goodale Park is a fun downtown destination when there is not an event...but add in the event and you have a recipe for a great day.

Free Hugs Line

Food is well represented as well, you can find just about any cuisine there your heart desires, drinks of all kinds.

An eclectic collection of vendors are also present, giving you budget conscious items all the way up to thousand dollar custom built, one of a kind art sculptures.