Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A short hiatus....

Just wanted to let you all know that I have a gall bladder full of stones and it needs to come

Seriously, though....I've been dealing with some gall bladder issues for some months now and I originally had a surgery date setup for Dec 9. Surgeons office called me this morning and they have an opening for the 5th. I'll most likely be out of commission for a week or two.

I'm in the best medical hands I know of (OSU Med Center) and the best recovery crew you could ask for(wife and daughter)...sooooo...all should be well and good.

I'll keep you all posted. Nothing like getting status updates from a freshly out of surgery and on pain meds person. Lol.

This is not my first surgery, so no worries on this end.

I do have a backlog of articles, so this downtime might be good for me to be able to churn out a few articles and contact those who I want to do stories on.

Right now, it looks like I'll be back in the saddle and ready for action by December 19.

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