Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pigeon Roost Farms

Fall is a great time of year, especially for the young ones.  It is the start of cooler weather, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

A fun place to take the family is Pigeon Roost Farms in Hebron, OH

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

B Spot - You Need To Eat Here!

So, I'm a self professed foodie.  I learned to cook at an early age, mostly out of necessity, but also because it was a way for a person that did not have a lot of artistic ability to be creative.
I recently needed to take a trip to the Cleveland area and in doing so, stopped at one of my favorite restaurants.

Where to begin???  Well, if  you don't already know, Michael Symon is probably most well known for being an Iron Chef on Iron Chef America on the Food Network.   All I must say is that if you have never had food from a chef of this caliber, then you are doing yourself a disservice.  Enjoying food at this level should be enjoyed by everyone at least once in their lives.  It is really hard to describe food this painstakingly crafted.  It really is that good.
If you get anywhere near the Cleveland area, you must get yourself to a Symon restaurant.  Lola's, Lolita's, or The B Spot - take your pick and enjoy the excellent service and thought altering foods.

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