Monday, June 19, 2017

Schiller Park

Written/Photography by
Andrew Livelsberger

One of the favorite stops at Schiller Park is the "Umbrella Girl" fountain.


Schiller Park is the second oldest park in Columbus, Goodale Park being the oldest.  The park was obtained by the city in 1867 and in 1891 it was renamed Schiller Park after the German poet Friedrich von Schiller.

The park is 23.5 acres, houses many attractions including fishing ponds, an outdoor theater stage, tennis/basketball courts and baseball fields.  A small children's playground can also be found there along with a recreation center.

Waterfowl enjoy the many ponds just as much as the people do!


Nestled deeply within the German Village area of Columbus, I know of no one who doesn't love Schiller Park.  This is evidenced by the scores of people that always seem to be at the park.  I cannot remember a time that I have gone where the park was empty.

Not only is it a beautiful park to look at, but artists in all different mediums find a plethora of inspiration here.

Some days, it is just fun to walk about the paved trails of the park, engage in some small talk with the good people of German Village and enjoy all that the park has to offer.

Benches are plentiful, people are able to find a place just off the paved path to sit and relax for a minute.

Some people choose to forego the bench and find respite under a tree.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Natural Muscle Competitions

Written/Photography by
Andrew Livelsberger

Natural Muscle Association is an organization for competitive body building where certain substances are banned from use by their competitors.

If you love body building competitions, then this is one for you!  The athletes and routines are just like the bigger named IFBB competitions, with the only real difference being the standards to which the athletes are held in regards to substances they can use during training to gain their physiques.

You'll find a high level of drive and desire, dedication and determination here.   The bodybuilders here worked very hard and compete even harder to try and bring home their prize.

Natural Muscle Association has several competitions in Ohio every year, the bigger ones being in Cleveland and Akron.  Check out their website for more information on the next competition, rules, banned substances.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Reynoldsburg Arbor Day 2017

Written and Photos by
Andrew Livelsberger

The annual Arbor Day festivities, brought to you b y the  Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation  department is a fun and informative event for all Reynoldsburg residents.

This years Arbor Day event was held at Rodebaugh Park in Reynoldsburg.
We begin with opening ceremonies, the Pledge of Allegiance was lead by members of Scout Troop 277, Den 7

Next, Mayor Brad McCloud gives his Arbor Day proclamation.

Arborist Andy Evans, Crew Member and Arborist explains the benefits that trees have on the environment and community.

Some of the kids learn about different leaf shapes and seeds of various trees.

Some kids chose to color and complete challenges in the provided activity books.

Volunteers were recruited to help plant the newest trees at the park.

There was a coloring contest, and these are the 2 winners!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Coloring Easter Eggs 1880's Style

Easter has come and gone, and we have our current traditions.  Some though, go back further than you might think.   Ever think about how they might have colored Easter eggs in the 1880's?  Did they even do that back then?

Slate Run Historical farm shows us what life may have been like for a farm family in Ohio in the 1880's.  On the weekend of Easter, a visit to the farm graced us with the way they colored eggs back then.

The image above shows a few examples.  Using vinegar and alum as a base, other things are added to give the eggs their distinct color.  Starting with the far left, cochineal (a type of insect) is used for dying things red or purple. The yellow eggs get their tint from the spice turmeric.  The third bowl contains eggs dyed from onion skin.  The last bowl used red beets for their coloring.

The staff there showed the whole process and had a sheet with the directions, if you wanted to try them in this style yourself.

Eggs can be hard boiled in the coloring, or hard boiled in water first, then put into the dye mixture later.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Women of the Arnold Sport Festival 2017

Written by Dani & Andrew Livelsberger
Photography by Andrew Livelsberger

The Arnold Sports Festival in its 28th year is back at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.  Over 20,000 athletes compete in 70 sports.  To cheer them on, over 200,000 people attend the event.

Female athletes play a large role in the Arnold Sports Festival.   This was enhanced this year with the inclusion of a Strong Woman category.

Strong Woman
The top 4 Strong Woman competitors,  Brittany Diamond, Rebecca Roberts Jenny Todd, and Sumer Johnson, so impressed the Strongman Committee that they all received their Pro cards!

These women showed their power by lifting 165+lb kegs over their heads, running with 400+lb yokes, and 400+lb farmers carry.

Fierce competition among the athletes was shown, but as in all Strongman/Strongwoman events, there is comradery too, allowing the athletes to root for their competitors.

Figure/Physique Competition
Pushing their bodies to the limit, these women show their amazing musculature and posing routines. Strenuous training and impeccable diet for months on end bring these women to the pinnacle of their form.  Dedication to the sport is apparent and they leave it all out there on the stage.  Hoping for that first place finish.

Pole Championship Series
Combining strength training, dance and acrobatics this event is very underrated.  Not only do you get a show of physical strength, but the performances also have theme to them and bring along with them an emotional component.

High energy dance, gymnastics and performance are all showcase the physical prowess of the athletes here.

Over at the Ohio Fairgrounds, dance companies come and perform their complicated and high energy routines.